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renovation of an architectural icon

satisfied clients:

Rochelle and Chris Mellsop

"I’ve had experience with Architects previously during 3 fairly basic renovations, my one complaint was they have great ideas but sometimes lack practicality and budget awareness – this was not the case with Pru. 


From our first meeting I knew she was going to be different. Her quiet calm approach and ability to really listen and ‘get’ what we wanted, offer expert yet practical advice was refreshing and confidence inspiring. 


Her knowledge of everything building shows she is up to date with building code, and has a wide experience of things outside the standard build, which certainly was our project. 

She had great contacts for everything and worked professionally with all involved on our job. Also her talents with colour and interior design was an added bonus. 


Pru flowed seamlessly from the building plans to the  kitchen colours, lighting, and overall finished look. This was immensely helpful and took a huge pressure off us making bad choices. We absolutely trust her advice.  


Pru has a calm, intelligent perspective – she is all round brilliant. If we ever do another renovation we will absolutely use Pru and we recommend her as a total package, she made our life so much easier because she had the sensible, holistic approach to building and interior design.  


We love our renovation, it’s unique and we thank Pru for this".


technical challenge: reclad success

Head contrator:

Henry McGarry:

Concept Carpenters Ltd

Concept Carpenters recently work closely with Pru from Pinfold Architects on a large residential project in Parnell. The scope involved recladding an old plaster building with new vertical Alaskan Yellow Cedar.


Processing a reclad building consent in Auckland I have come to understand is a huge task, Pru seemed to manage obtaining an approved consent for this large reclad with ease.


During construction the job had several hurdles and technical challenges, the reclad team from Auckland Council hold the highest of standards when dealing with these projects which together was overcome. The practical mind set of Pru benefited us throughout when overcoming various items.


All the spaces of the house were functionally designed so doors opened in the right areas and the flow of the finished product was spectacular, a lot of designers miss the basic functionality when designing.


I would highly recommend Pru if you are thinking of renovating or building new in the residential space. 


satisfied clients:

The Lion Foundation-Auckland

Pru from Pinfold Architects was the best designer we have worked with to date. She listens intently, is full of great advice, and works superbly with other contractors/suppliers. Pru took the stress away from us, and did an outstanding job of pretty much project managing our new office space. Pru’s communication was amazing throughout, and she was completely trustworthy and authentic. We could not recommend Pru highly enough, and we are delighted with our new offices in central Auckland. Our sincerest thanks to Pru for all her hard work, knowledge and dedication! 


  • Rachael and the team at The Lion Foundation

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