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Renovations vs Makeovers

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Why I hate reality TV. The expectations of a quick makeover rarely result in anything better than something that photographs well. I have been involved in many renovations ( not makeovers )- some with very tight budgets. But I believe that the basics have to be considered first.

There will be dramas and budget constraints, relationship issues and rainy days - but with the right team - and time ( more than prime time allows ) - renovations don't have to be a nightmare.

Before and After

“The drama required to make good TV has lead to me watching reality TV with the sound off”.

BEFORE: Ponsonby Villa. Unloved as a rental for many years - we

began with removing all the fixtures, then re-piling, insulating and

repairing the structure.

AFTER: A new kitchen, floors repaired and repolished, windows

opening and rot removed.

RESULTS: The clients sold the property

- happy in the knowledge that things were done right.

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